Please use the GitHub project page to report bugs, issues and feature requests.

And don’t be afraid to express yourself. If something isn’t clear or you don’t understand something perhaps the documentation or the configuration or some parameter is not easy enough to understand.

But please try to avoid using GitHub issues to ask questions specific to your installation. If you need help, the best place to go is to use IRC and the #breakpad room on

When reporting bugs, please try to include as much information as you possibly can. Don’t forget to include exactly what versions you have of crontabber, configman, Python and PostgreSQL. But before you share your config files, please please please make sure they don’t contain any passwords or any other secrets that could put your system at risk.

Coding style

We try to stick to a strict PEP8 guideline with lines no longer than 79 characters. But functionality is more important than form. If you have some code to contribute don’t feel intimidated that your code isn’t perfect. We can always change it later.

But please try to continue the existing patterns. If the code around uses ' instead of " then continue to use '. Consistency makes the code easier to read and debug.